10 Reasons to Lease your Next New Vehicle

by Scott Klein on October 26, 2015

leaseWhen it comes to purchasing your next “New” vehicle you should lease it as opposed to conventional financing. Let me tell you the reasons why…

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7 Ways to NEVER get in a Car Accident

by Scott Klein on November 7, 2014

As I drove home from work one day last week, there was sign that said “956 Fatalities on Georgia Roads this year.” I thought that imagesseemed quite high, but after a little investigation I found that on average we lose close to 1500 people each year driving on Georgia roads. I would assume that number is probably average for most states. That means we lose some 75,000 people each year in accidents nationwide. Unlike a terminal illness that for the most part can’t be avoided, a car accident can be totally avoided if you know the secrets.

So how do I have this acumen for knowing how to NEVER get in a car accident? For 5 years I drove a semi and averaged close to 90,000 miles per year (that includes what I drove in a passenger car as well those years). Add in 18,000 miles per year for the last 32 years, and that puts me over 1,000,000 miles driven without an accident. Like anything else you do a lot of, you learn what and what not to do over time. [click to continue…]


Credit Reports: Why are the Scores Different?

by Scott Klein on December 24, 2013

Credit ReportsA good piece of advice when buying your next vehicle is to get a copy of your credit report which reveals *a* credit score and details your account history. I say *a* credit score because when you go online to get one of those so called “free” credit reports (typically you’ll get an Equifax, Transunion and Experian report) you’ll get 3 different scores as well as an overall score. [click to continue…]