Credit Reports: Why are the Scores Different?

by Scott Klein on December 24, 2013

Credit ReportsA good piece of advice when buying your next vehicle is to get a copy of your credit report which reveals *a* credit score and details your account history. I say *a* credit score because when you go online to get one of those so called “free” credit reports (typically you’ll get an Equifax, Transunion and Experian report) you’ll get 3 different scores as well as an overall score. [click to continue…]


3 Reason’s for an Auto Sales Slump

by Scott Klein on April 23, 2013

Just about everybody goes into a sales slump at one time or another in auto sales. There are 3 specific reasons of an auto sales slump. Knowing what they are will help you figure it out so you can get back on track.

Numbers & Statistics: Reason #1

images1It’s the 20th of the month and you only have 3 units delivered. Or maybe it’s the 15th of the month and you only have 1 out. It could be the 10th of the month, and you still have a big goose egg. The end of the month rolls around and you only had 6 deliveries. [click to continue…]


So you’ve had your eye on that new Kia Optima for a while, and you’re thinking about making a trade. But the question is, “Are you in position to trade based on your current 200382806-001_XSsituation?” What I mean by that is simply this…

…Most people that have a trade; have negative equity in the vehicle that they are looking to trade. I would say a fair average of negative equity is around $4,000 which means if your vehicle is worth $10,000; you owe the bank $14,000. [click to continue…]